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Bachmann 9F Evening Star upgrading - stage 2




OK, here is a pic of the front of the prototype, showing I got the vacuum pipe bracket on the first post somewhere near right.


blogentry-10140-042725500 1291040830_thumb.jpg


The steam heat pipe was a later addition.


Now to the driver's side under cab pipework.


This is rarely modelled as far as I know but it is very noticeable, even if not as prominent as the massive bundle of injector pipework on the fireman's side. There is more still, but it is fine enough not to worry for my purposes.


0.7mm copper wire bent to shape, Brassmasters pipe flange soldered in the correct position, secured using a twist of 0.2mm wire soldered in place on the bend and superglued into a tiny drilled hole. End of the wire glued into a drilled hole in the rear of the loco. A second pipe, soldered onto the first, joins to a water hose from the tender. There is a similar hose from the rhs water injector, and both of these fit nicely into the void under the tender, between the steps. The tender can then move freely without contacting these pipes when in normal use.


blogentry-10140-082316700 1291040407_thumb.jpg


Cab doors:


As I mentioned, these are actually attached to the tender on the real thing. Most models have them, if at all, on the cab.


Start point was a set of Brassmasters cab doors. Cut off the mounting strips so that they are 2.5mm long.


blogentry-10140-038502100 1291063147_thumb.jpg


Solder short lengths of 0.45 ns wire to the rear of the strips


blogentry-10140-048228800 1291063175_thumb.jpg

blogentry-10140-053954300 1291063195_thumb.jpg


Drill locating holes (these on another tender)


blogentry-10140-033458400 1291063221_thumb.jpg


Paint and fix in place:


blogentry-10140-002186500 1291063242_thumb.jpg


End result:


blogentry-10140-046673600 1291063283_thumb.jpg


There is a small diagonal chamfer at the base of the cab door closest to the tender, presumably to accommodate the slope of the fall plate. I've not decided whether I'm going that far yet!


It does work. You could mount them with a little more play, but the slight springiness in the loco-tender coupling gives a tiny bit of play. They're rigid enough but flexible enough. If that makes any sense.



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Just acquired a 9f and I like the look of your work a lot! Not having the touch of a brain surgeon like your goodself will however prevent me from trying to copy your efforts. Well done.

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