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Another update

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The Westcoast website has just been updated again with a few pics of my latest building Portishead. With this update I have put all the text into text boxes so hopfully that should cure all the problems with the pages. The other update is that my exhibition layout Potters lane is to be rebuilt before its next show in March. Potters will form part of a bigger layout that will be known as AC Lines. AC lines will be a series of modules that will feature different scenes of the 25kv network. The first new scene will be a 6' section of line with a relay room. This will be built as part of an artical I will be writing for a mag. Other scenes planned will be Hest bank crossing and Tebay viaduct. A fellow modeller is planning a section of the LTS that will also link up with the AC lines project. Going to need a big hall though !! :lol:



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