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Windows with a Craft Robo




Just a quick look at what can be done with this machine for windows, more to follow on this



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These look good. I have been thinking of buying a similar machine but have been unsure of how narrow you could cut the glazing bars. From your pictures though I cant see if these are in n/oo or o gauge. Could you put another picture on with say a 5p piece to give an idea of how big they are?


Have you used thin card or paper? Do you think it would cut 5 thou plasticard (the really thin stuff)?



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The windows are cut from 220gsm card, I could not find a 5p so I hope a penny will do.


I'm not sure if it will cut plasticard, I will have to try it.


As to cutting windows, once you get realy small, I think its best to just cut out the panes instead of the whole window. This allows more support of the glazing bars.

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This very impressive! I think Mr Cox of Witney Euston fame uses something similar to build up scratch-built wagon sides in 2mm. I guess that its uses are just limited by imagination - thanks for sharing this B)

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Thanks for your reply. The extra pics prove the ability of the machine (I work in oo) and it looks as though I could save me a lot of time cutting manually. I would leave a much larger frame around mine and sandwich them between plasticard (or maybe even card) layers. Thanks Chris also for your input..... unbelievably, Mr Cox was a fellow club member until I moved house a few weeks ago and now I'm 220 miles away.... didn't realise he used the craftrobo on his excellent 2mm scale layout.


Time to look to see where I can get one the cheapest I think.

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Tho please beaware there are two of these machines on the market, I have both. Theres the older one CC220 that has a cutting force of 150gsm and the newer one CC330-20

that has an sd card slot which has a cutting force of 230gsm

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Thanks, I had noticed the difference between the 220 and 330. The 220 seems to be available second hand via the usual auction site(s) along side the new 330.


www.mdpsupplies.co.uk seem to have some offers of other bits and pieces with the machines but I will have a look around before purchasing.

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