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Myself, two mates and one brother are all railway modellers.


I owe 3 layouts and haven’t built any of them!!! (Expertise: sourcing equipment, Funding! & Baseboards)


My mate Alf could be classed as a Model Railway Guru. He has more track plans and ‘could have been’ ideas than Iain Rice, he has spent the last 12 years planning his HO American layout. He has all the timber, buildings, track, electrics, rolling stock, but hasn’t cut a single bit of timber yet! (Expertise: track plans, wiring diagrams, electrics, general advice)


The other mate Jason refers to his models as toys, but out of the four of us has built a layout recently 00gauge in his back garden!! With plans to extend it next summer! (Expertise: Logistics! If you need something or need it shifting he’s your man)


My brother, AKA Sam, once modelled in N gauge, has just come back from university and got a job at a large model shop. Not surprisingly he came home last month with some models, now he’s caught the bug again! (Expertise: track laying, scenic’s, buildings, & details)


So there is my motley crew. Now what is the plan?




· Construct an O gauge layout


· Maximum space available 10 foot by 18 inches


· Layout must be portable


· Individual boards can be no longer that 40 inches or they won’t fit in the car


· Location is to be Scottish Region at the End of Steam!


· Must be wired for DC & DCC as we cannot afford to chip all the locos just yet


· Must be 0 gauge on a shoestring! none of us can write cheques with lots of noughts on the end


· Construction is to be shared out equally to the person who’s best at each bit!


· Full project plan to be drawn up and followed as best we can!




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