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As I am now on Christmas Leave from work, and that the weather here has been so poor of late I have been in search of something to keep me busy.


Admittedly there is still work outstanding on both the Gp and N1 wagons, however I need to pluck up the courage to continue...the Gp has a lot of fine detail work to complete and the N1 still needs the fabrication and completion of its brake gear.


So to keep my hands busy I have started to build a small (!) loco shed. This is the first building I have built in the scale and thus would be a real test of how big some of the buildings would be, and thus ultimately help visualise how big the layout would be.




Seen here in very early build the shed (based on the drawings of the Karpalund Shed available on the internet) inspection pit have been constructed and the initial elevations for the building positioned. An internal wall is still to be located as can be seen from the white spacers inside. Within the wall voids fibre optic leads will run from a light source under the base to provide subtle and "hopefully" atmospheric lighting.


Doors have been scribed from plasticard and the bolt heads are Plus Models stainless steel etches.




Seen here with the Op (still yet to finish painting, pipes and couplings!) sat in the shed over the inspection pit. Doors are plonked only for the photo.




Pics taken with a P&S camera and just noticed the barrel distortion!



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Rich it looks lovely, can you pose it next to something 4mm for anyone who is struggling with the scale? What material have you used for the main structure so far (apart from the plasticard doors)?

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In terms of scale, its not much larger than 7mm - 1/35 scale equates to 8.71mm/ft aposed to the 7mm/ft for O Gauge.


As the majority of the prototype rolling stock was a scaled down version of standard gauge equipment, this meant that things like wheels etc were also smaller in diameter than the standard gauge counterparts.


So by scaling up we were are able to use O gauge wheels which scaled out as near as damn it 1/35. Coincidently the track gauge of 891mm also scales out at exactly 1inch.


To help visualise it here are a couple of quickly grabbed pics...





A Chivers Tunny for comparison





Chivers Tunny loaded with 1/35 barrels (WIP) and a set of Slaters Open Spoke wheels re-gauged for 891mm. These will be used for another van later in the year.

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Forgot to add that the shell is constructed using Photo Mount card. I had thought about using foam board however I was keen to use the cavity for routing of the fibre optic leads.


The only thing I will need to be careful of is that the board does have a tendency to warp and bend so some careful bracing and lamination is required.

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