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Rebuilt, Original, modified whatever!




Having seen all the recent froth on the subject of what to use in front of Merchant Navies, West Country's etc. I thought I've give my perspective on it.


Original - Fresh out of the Works, as built, later loco's had wedge cabs and other modifications from new so this covers them as well.


Modified - Wedge Cab fitted, changes to deflectors, tenders etc.


Rebuilt - The loco is radically change in appearance, though retains enough of it's original DNA to still be called the same class!


Unrebuilt - used as way of differentaiting between the two sub-classes while they were running alongside each other.


Hornby have yet to do an Original West Country or Merchant Navy for the matter when you take these facts into account.


Rant over..


Merry Christmas



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Love the un-modelled, Hornby should be made to produce an original MN! The rebuild was their first super detail model back in 1999(?), so they've had the chassis all this time, but still can't be @rsed to produce an original ... but they can produce another Peppercorn A1 and a Thompson B1, both existing Bachmann models.


Original - is the spam can, whether it's got modified cab, tender, whatever.

Rebuilt - the Jarvis conversions with BR standard appearance (ugly things).

Unrebuilt - no such thing, poor English. A West Country is a West Country forever, it doesn't suddenly become an 'unrebuilt West Country', just because someone rebuilds a few of them.

You don't get this with the LMS Royal Scots for example, it's either a Royal Scot or a rebuilt Royal Scot, so by default its a MN/WC/BB, or its a rebuilt MN/WC/BB, end of.


... and can't you tell I've got a hangover!



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Never, ever heard of them referred to as 'Spam Cans' in the fifties when I was among 'em. Always 'Flat Tops'. Then again, an Ivatt 2-6-2T was always a 'Teddy Bear', so what do I know? Perhaps I should take a nickname myself - the one applied to Marsh's LB&SCR I1X might be appropriate. :unsure:


Happy New Year!


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  • RMweb Gold

Got the unrebuilt crap from a certain crooked second hand jag dealer that we are both aware of Glenn ;)


However someone needs to correct SEMG's model index page:



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Ah yes that chap with the dove house, never mind you won't get stung again I'm sure.


Modified, unmodified, rebuilt, unrebuilt, frankly it does my head in.

Anyway that nice Mr Hornby has released the wonderful 34107 and so I'm starting on a 34092 with a small tender (where I've discovered that Hornby can't even match their own BR green colour, by the way), with 34102 to come later I think.


Keep up the good work.



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