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G scale 0-4-0 vertical boilerd geared locomotive



This oddity has been brought out of hibernation after meeting up with an old friend and discusing garden railways. It's scratch built on a brass and wood chassis with plastic and copper additions. The gears and chain drive the single cylinder and the motor is hidden under the boiler. Somewhere along the line I have miss placed the coupling rods but these can be rebuilt. After having a little look at it I think I may begin work on finishing it off. It's a smooth little runner, just needs a garden railway to work! This is your fault James


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Dig out that Corpet and then I'll be happy! We're back over on the 1st, if I get a chance I'll pop round for that book if I may :)

She looks good fun, is that a 4mm Bachmann load there - they did a boiler didn't they? loaded on the crocodile GW wagon IIRC?

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Not a problem, it's got some early images of the Welshpool and Llanfair and the Vale of Rheidol, they have very similar corrugated buildings. There are also some very early shots of the Welsh Highland and Ffestinioog which really show how much it's all changed. It is the boiler from the GWR crocodile wagon with the end cut off so the motor fits inside. I had a bit of a play with it this evening, I now have tanks footplate coupling rods and better frames fitted. It’s a hell of a lot easier modeling at this scale although I will have to add rivets, I best get counting!



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