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Starting work on the Cornishman




Having had to abandon our Christmas trip to Scotland (set out to catch the ferry from Larne but were beaten by the weather without making it to the border!) I had plenty of time on my hands to get on with the 'Cornishman' rake. Five coaches are now sitting on Bill Bedford sprung bogies and Exactoscale wheels. This really is the best running combination that I have found to date, they positively glide through slips. I have now run out of bogies but I do have some corridor connections to get on with before it's back to work next week. The postman did bring me a couple of sets of WR reporting numbers and headboards for the Cornishman. I couldn't resist making up a set. Hopefully the rest of the bogies , detailing kits, Kadee couplings, etc. will appear in due course




Postlip Hall is standing in for a Castle as the Cornishman passes Worseter East Box. Ince Castle is still engaged on 00 duties on Bruckless Junction, while awaiting a trip to the works to be regauged toP4 (Hurry up with the release of a fold up chassis please Brassmasters!) and to reappear as Totnes Castle, a Stafford Road loco that did duty on the Cornishman.




When completed, the Cornishman will be making appearances on Barrow Road in addition to its everyday duties on Worseter.



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Excellent work John as ever! I do like the reporting numbers and headboard on the front of the hall.


Happy New Year to you both!



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Looking brilliant John, keep up the good work. Can we have a close up of the head board please.

May I echo your plea to Brassmasters not only for the Castle but for the Jubilee and Patriot fold up chassis - I have a small number ready to convert :rolleyes:


Happy New Year to you both.




PS Where did you make the purchase of the headboard - I must get one for the Devonian?

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The Headboard came from Fox Transfers. I have epoxied it to the frame that holds the reporting numbers, the upright needs blackening as to the edges of the numbers. I will email you a close up of the headboard as I am having difficulty attaching it here!


Happy new year to the two of you as well - 5 minutes to go!



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