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Tredethy Wharf

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Buffer Stops




I've been having some further thoughts about a buffer stop for Tredethy Wharf......... I have a Mikes Models kit for a LSWR buffer stop and was intending to put it to use on the layout. Photographs I have of Wenfordbridge, and a photograph of Dunmere Wharf, seemed to indicate they were all of the standard LSWR design on this branch. That was until while browsing though my collection of photographs, I saw in the corner of one particular photograph of Dunmere Crossing a three quarter side view of the buffer stop on the Wharf siding.


Back in September, one of the P4 guys kindly offered to to make a new rail bending jig to help create this buffer stop. His current jigs don't quite bend the rail correctly. Before he does this, he has asked for a scale drawing of the buffer stop. I thought it was about time I created this drawing so yesterday I started, but it's not going well.........


The rest of this entry can be found on my main blog here



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