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Another shock!




I've built yet another shock absorbing wagon - in this case a Red Panda Shock Van (bought off Ebay for a sensible price as this kit seems to be out of production). It's been completed as one of the batch with the shock absorber located between the frames and not visible.



It uses some rather nice case buffers from Lanarkshre model supplies, some Parkside solebars and the original Red Panda break gear.


I've also finished the BR wooden Lowfit - actually about 2 months ago but it took me ages to get round to fitting the couplings laugh.gif This was built from various Parkside bits, mainly from their LNER Lowfit.


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Not to worry, it is after all still the modelling that's most important. And that lowfit looks very good!


The floor planks are very convincing. People seem to have different ways of doing them, can I ask what paint/metod you used?

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I paint the floor with Humbrol 67 (Dark Grey) with a little Leather (62) added. After that I dry brush streaks of light grey (64) and natural wood (110) along the direction of the planks, with possibly a dry brushing of the dark grey on top of them to to tone everything down. Probably easier to do than to describe - it's very impressionistic but the trick seems to be to avoid having the floor all the same colour.



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