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not much progress

Black Sheep



Its been a while since I posted a new entry on progress, but there is little to tell.


I've got some base board frames, there are points waiting to be paid for at work and a goods shed partly built.


I've put a set of dowels on to join the two boards together and then put the plywood ends on, finding that I need to put a plywood spacer in due to a miss-calculation on dowel length and wood width, but the main problem is that I've lost my wood glue and need some panel pins from the DIY shop which will be tomorrows job before work.


I'm also figuring out legs, I'm wanting them to fold to the board for storage but also wanting to 'crate' the layout, although using the legs to crate along the long side of the layout instead of the ends might be an idea so still pondering.



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The one thing I've found out about legs... Well, don't assume that your floor is level. I know, it sounds obvious. But I did, and found that at one end, there's a slight (how slight I don't know) gradient between one side and the other...

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