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St Albans 2011 Show




Hello :)


For the second year now at the St Albans show I was there with bits from my 2mm modelling doing a demo. I always enjoy myself doing demos at these shows and this year was no different.


I like the St Albans show, it is nicely just after the new year so its a welcome break in the drudgery that is January. The show itself this year had a nice selection of N Gauge layouts which I enjoyed. Unfortunately once again at a show I struggled to spend much money leaving with just a few bits and pieces. One thing that I came across and has lots of potential was that Dart Castings have now produced a couple of figures in 2mm scale. There is a bit of a shortage of quality figures in 2mm so this is something to support and follow, so to do my bit I picked up a pack.




The quality of the picture doesnt really do the figures much justice but they are the best whitemetal figures I have seen so far in 2mm scale.


It was really nice to meet up with other people from RMWeb and I would like to thank everyone who took time to sit down and have a chat with me. Its alway nice to hear what people think and it definately gives me plenty of encouragement for sure (Baby Deltic, ChrisF to name just a couple). Once again though I didnt really get much modelling done again, but I am learning this is a good thing! Below is the result of a whole weekends modelling!!




(Its the beginning of a Cattle Dock if you were wondering)


Missy :)


P.S. Thanks ChrisF for the advice on the coaches.



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Hi Missy,


Really sad I missed this show - like you say it is well timed for the post-Christmas lull!


Interesting news about the Dart Castings figures. I can see a few of those being purchased soon. There was talk of Aidan Campbell doing a few 2mm figures a while ago, but nothing seems to have come of it.



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Hey missy,


Nice to see you again this year. Elvis really does look the business - if only I could build models to the same standards you do!

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Most annoyed that I managed to miss this show as it's very local for me! I really must pay more attention to the events calendar.

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In my experience Tte more people are interested in what you are doing the less you seem to be able to get done. So I asume it was well received wish I could have been there.


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Really annoying - I was supposed to be there as a trader but couldn't get time off from the (mortgage-paying) job! It would have been good to meet you Missy - I've been folowing your Higclere blog for the last couple of years. Having modelled Burghclere many moons ago (and visited the Stanley Spencer Chapel at Highclere in the process) we have something little in common.


Ah well, next year





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Hi Guys :)


Thank you for the replies. As I said above I really enjoyed it and hopefully David will invite me again next year. I know he was once again pestering me to bring along Highclere but unfortunately I had to turn the offer down again.


Having modelled Burghclere many moons ago (and visited the Stanley Spencer Chapel at Highclere in the process) we have something little in common.




Hello Ian :)


If its any help I am pretty sure I will be doing a demo at the Ally Pally show this year, although I am not sure what day yet. I am definately interested in your model of Burghclere though, would you be able to let me know more on it, maybe some photos too?


Missy :)

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