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Spot the difference



I've made a start on the chassis of the first TTA, replacing the springs and making it look a little more like the prototype it's based on.


Whilst looking mostly similar, 45t Monobloc oil tanks are a minefield once you get into the details. Suspension brackets are different shapes, there are different rib quantities and spacings, different handbrake arrangements, etc, etc. There are also different lengths, but more about that later.




So far, the detail that isn't required has been removed, with new detail added in place, the SAB load sensing valve has gone and the brake arrangement has been changed. The new handbrake came from another wagon, which will be modified to have a completely different arrangement when its time on the workbench arrives.


The Bachmann model is based upon a Pickering design, the one currently on the bench is being modified to represent a Powell Duffryn built example. Eventually the fleet will consist of examples from Pressed Steel, Pickering, Powell Duffryn, Standard Wagon and Rootes Pressings, hence the variety in the fleet. The first batch of 4 comprises of 2 Powell Duffryn and 2 Pickering examples, the latter requiring very little modification in terms of the chassis.


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Looks like you're tanks will be empty from the look of those replacement springs then Martin ;)


Well worth observing these detail differences - you might think the average punter won't notice but when you take photos, it's the layering of things like this that aren't immediately obvious but really really add to the realism. Good stuff.

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These ones will ;) Once I've used up all of the Cambrian springs I've got, I'll probably make my own, like Will (Vale) did on his MKAs. They'll be loaded, it's much easier that way than working out curved lengths of material! :lol:

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