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The 6.05 pm Service from Evercreech

Chris Nevard




nevard_110206_catcott_DSC_1324_web, originally uploaded by nevardmedia.


BR Std Class 3 MT No. 82005 slows for Catcott Burtle with an early evening service from Evercreech Junction during the late summer of 1964.The layout lights were turned off and the natural north facing window light was allowed to stray in. Clunk. The only addition is the fake engine-clag and some git leaning out of the engine. The Morris traveller has been sprayed with a little matt varnish to kill the toy like shine.


Oh yes, before I go - here's a 1280 x 800 pixel version..





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A great picture, is the Morri Traveller the Oxford or Classix one. We had one just like that when we were first married, over 30 years ago now :O.. But the paint had come off the aluminium roof leaving it silver, the faded green looks just right, the models I have seen in the shops look too bright.

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That is beautiful...for me that pictures sums up what Model Railways are all about.


Thanks for sharing Chris



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Every time I see your stuff, Chris, there is a conflict between inspiration (some of the most realistic and atmospheric models and photos I've seen) and dejection (why the ____ do I bother?) ! Thankfully the former wins......


Thanks - stunning, as Redgate says.



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Stunning (as usual). The natural light certainly makes a difference over artificial light. Seems to make the colours even more natural.

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Thanks - natural light is far more gentle on the beige, greens and yellows which tend to get distorted with artificial low energy lighting like flus. They're still better than spots though with their mulitple shadows and pools of light. Daylight or my daylight photographic lighting is best though.

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