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coombe junction - moorswater - old clay dries + fuel oil...






Good morning - A little progress Monday night, but some better progress last night, aided and abetted by Gin Tonics and this time I have taken some shots outside in natural light.


I have been progressing the old clay dries building by firstly installing lintels above the openings and secondly starting the curved roof cladding. I had wanted to represent the 'scraggy' ends to the asbestos panels but after cutting out a few ribs it resembled more like missing teeth as it was too chunky, so I may attack the leading ends with a razor saw instead.


The roof cladding has been built up as per my last method which involves laying thin strips of double sided tape, which just give enough of a ridge between the sheets to give the sense of horizontal overlapping. I have then washed the joints in Mek Pak (discolored version soon to be replaced by inbound new bottle of :D) to just help strengthen them. I need to complete the first layer of the roof and then add the second raised layer which looks to be spaced above to allow ventilation and includes a few rooflights too, which I will model. Then, atop of this, another louvred ridge. Also I have included the strange little projection in the roof, which used to be connected by a high level walkway across the tracks, which has since been removed but I am modelling circa 1980 when it was in use. The door gives high level access to the old clay dries, one presumes.


I also had a first stab at the fuel oil store. This is essential a circular stone clad building (I really seem to pick them ;)) and last night I 'borrowed' a plastic cannister of multi vitamins and have wrapped in double sided tape the stone cladding around it. I have to work on the joint but this will be at the rear so not so viewable. More work is to be done detailing this.


I have included a photo of my workbench as 'Smokey Bacon Steve' was asking how much I worked by drawing and it indicates the sort of level of detail I draw on the carcass prior to covering. Most has been gauged by photographs, past and present as I expect it would be too difficult to source the original drawings.


That's about all for now...a few pics attached...



The workbench...main cladding lines have been marked out on the carcass...


Cladding applied with double sided tape with Mek Pak to reinforce the joints...


In context...must finish that 37 off...


And again...


Time shift for Mark 46444...who has been asking for a while to see this...


And again...

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  • RMweb Premium

Very nice Pete.


Have you had to push the LH building a little further away from the track for clearance?

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Wot they said..... it is really looking good Pete. I was worried that Monday's work had been detrimental to the result... but it looks fab here so I'm guessing that you recovered well.... G&T can do that can't it [pauses for sanity check ... and carry on].

The atmosphere that you're creating here looks wonderfully balanced... keep up the good work Pete.

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That is now starting to look really good Pete, the photos you have taken at ground level are really starting to give a feel for how its going to look.


Missy :)

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To add an echo... .. that is coming together very nicely - thanks for the insight into the initial marking up of the carcass


(PS - its good to see you back in the land of the 'real' scale, not faffing around with those big toy trains... :P )

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Great stuff Pete. Superb composition.

Regarding the circular building various sizes of waste pipes drainpipes etc can form a usefull base which if you use offcuts don't have to be removed. Sizes go roughly 22mm, 34mm, 44mm, 65mm, 80mm and 106mm.


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Thank you all for the kind comments - helps keep the mojo well greased :D


A few comments in response...


Kris - I have tried to keep the LH building as close as possible (as the hoods will have been loaded from this side) but still be able to let a loco pass by...even though in reality, it was Sharon doing all the running-a-round (No gags please :lol:)


Jamieh - That's the impression I am trying to recreate so many thanks.


Steve - assume you are referring to the 7mm stuff...I won't be drawn on that ;)


Don - Thanks...next time I do a site inspection I will have my eyes peeled for an offcut of Plumbers 44mm waste pipe...



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Evening Pete,


Absolutely brilliant.;)


I love the sense of perspective you've achieved with the dries Pete.


Certainly no mistaking the location and it takes me back to a warm overcast day in Cornwall last September with a FL 66 shunting some PCA's. Great photos of the 37/66 but as Missy says the ground level shots give a feel for the layout.


I personally think this is going to be one of those layouts that inspires others and is used as an example of true finescale modelling. And no I haven't been drinking G&T's either!


Nice work Pete-the Mojo is in full swing and thanks for the 66 photos.





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  • RMweb Gold

Mark, hi


Go steady with the compliments :blush:


That's nice of you, many thanks - Don't forget that you were instrumental in getting all those detail shots of Moorswater dries for me last year, so I hope the layout won't disappoint when finished.


When that Dapol Bubble arrives, I will probably focus my attention back on the station area as I don't think they ever made it down to the dries...a few trees will be making an appearance no doubt :D



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