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The MSWJR 4-4-0 Tender - moving on



A little progress tonight - the front end of the tender is taking shape (roughly) following the instructions... The toolbox section states 'fold up the toolobx and solder to the front plate' - the impression is that it is soldered to the *footplate* side - but the section is *before* adding the footplate. I suddenly realised it goes inside the coal hopper! There is also a 'front door' which should (in the MSWJR period) be sweated to the front of the front plate. Apparently in the GWR period it was blocked up because the brake standard when moved to the correct :D side of the footplate, blocked access to it. I would have thoguht that the toolbox itself would have been removed in that case...




I know - the steps are a little 'wonky' - Ill leave them until the work is complete - they might get knocked out of position again!


I also have an apology to make to Roxey. In one of the early posts I said there was no brake standard.... I was going off the contents list. Nice surprise tonight to find a whitemetal :( one in the accessories bag! However I'll probably change it for a brass one if I can find one!


Full day off tommorrow, so hopefully the tender will get finished, then I can start on the bit that pulls it!





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