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Underlay underway




Underlay underway!


To get some track down for the demo I'm doing at the Tonbridge MRC show next weekend I've spent the morning glueing down the underlay on boards one and two.


To start with I glued the track sections of the full size layout plan in the desired position on the baseboard, this will ensure that I get the track in the intended location compared to my original doodle. The next stage is exactly what John Clutterbuck has used on his O14 layout which resides in his loft (Article: http://www.o14group.org/2008/10/31/finescale-7mm-ng-trackwork/ ). This method involves the use of a foam underlay material used for laminate flooring fixed to the baseboard using copydex, the foam and the more flexible nature of the copydex than PVA allow for potential minor movements of the trackwork caused by expansion and contraction in the loft.


The underlay is about 2mm thick and should hopefully absorb some noise, a cheap alternative to the Woodland Scenics (and other underlay) options if required for a large layout, or lots of small ones. A large roll was £12 which will probably do about 6 layouts the size of Isle Ornsay...!


Here's a shot of the overall layout with trackplan laid out and the first two boards covered in underlay:



The puffer will normally sit to the right of where the copydex bottle is.


Here is the underlay sitting over the trackplan in more detail. Being transparent is ideal, allowing accurate alignment of the track with the original plans:



The dots are the beginnings of marking up the board for holes to be drilled for wiring and point actuation.


At our Kent 009 Society group meeting last night we laid out all the flexi track and points on all boards, it was rather pleasing to see... It all seems to be coming together slowly :-)


Hopefully I'll get some track down by the end of the weekend.

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