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Platform 1




Well, it might be platform 2, it's hard to tell at his stage. Spent the day building components and finally two platform sides for the first of the two platforms on this main station. I'd tried using a Metcalfe set an wasn't overly happy with the final result. I tried making a bespoke one, which I was happier with, but not delighted, so downloaded the Scalescenes platform kit. I'm happy with everything here with the exception of the edging stones which come pre-printed with a white edge: I'm reasonably confident that the Health & Safety madness police didn't exist in 1935, so need a way to get around this. Any ideas? Am I right about the edging?


I said on a previous post that I'd attach some pics, so here they are, enjoy. Bit sad as yet, but you can pretty much work out what I'm trying to achieve. I've only done them at low res for speed for now. Once I've got some scenery in place I'll consider doing them at a higher res.


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In my book pictures are an essential, as to use an oft quoted phrase, they paint a thousand words. I'm liking the sweeping lines and feeling of space you seem to be achieving. Keep it up and keep the jpegs flowing.


ps No idea bout the use of white lines in 35, you could always ask Grandmaster Flash

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