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Marchland - 00 gauge ex-GWR terminus



After a long tiime, I've started work on this layout and have just completed the baseboards. It is 8' x 18"' on two 4' x 18" boards.

I borrowed the name from the TV series 'Marchlands' as it is set in my home area of Wrexham - Marcher land.

Progress will be on my website: www.tonysmodelrailways.co.uk - and apart from 1960s steam - diesel transition, it can be used as a preserved railway!


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<P>Hi Narroman - <BR><BR>I think it's always good to choose a fictional location - so long as the station layout is based on a prototype. My reasoning is that the 'professionals' have done all the thinking with regard to trackplan/operational movements etc. It also forestalls the rivet-counting nitpickers who take great delight in pointing oput that 'the yard gate is inaccurate for the period depicted as it has five bars - this is only accurate for the gate after 31 jan 1931 when it was replaced'!<IMG class=bbc_emoticon alt=:lol: src="http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/public/style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif"> <BR><BR>I'm currently working on an EM layout where the terminus will be 'Ambridge' - but the station layout will be pure Abingdon!</P>

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