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CDR and general update on workbench progress




Not that much progress this week. Both Railcar No.4 and Class 5 Drumboe have both been primed, filled and the primer touched up.Not only is it amazing how the primer shows up little imperfections that had previously gone unnoticed, but the odd one even appears after the first coat of colour has been applied, hence the filler below the front window on the railcar! This has put back the application of red paint a day or two. I also have to decide what to do about the red. In my opinion, the Precision Paints CDR red is a bit too scarlet, so I will probably have to do a bit of mixing. I seem to recall having to do something similar on the 5.5mm/ft scratch built Class 5 I built a few years back.


In between times work continues on upgrading the Bachmann Mark 1's for the 'Cornishman' rake. More Bill Bedford bogie etches arrived last week from Eileen's and I am well on with the underframe detailing and corridor connections but it's a long job. A couple of nights ago I started removing the very pronounced ridges on the roof moulding. Three hours later, I still hadn't finished the first roof! That one is now finished and it looks a lot better, even without a coat of paint!



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