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And we're off...

Sylvian Tennant



yes, off to a flying start with some actual non-practise weather.


Originally, I was going to do a detailed step by step account of what I've built and how I've done it. However, I have since changed my mind. Instead, I will write about how I've done stuff but at certain stanges, such as starting, built, modifications, painting and weather. But that will come later. At the current time, I have just finished a small rake of Parkside 13t hi-bar wagons, all the the trafers were modelmasters and the paints being humbrol & tamiya. Tamiya was used only for two of the interiors of the wagons.










Oh, alos, you can see there is no "High-bar" wording on them... mainly due to there being none on the transfer sheet and I couldn't be bothered to hunt around to find some.



Next up is a Bachmann WR 12t vent van, weather entirely with humbrol paints.








As you can see, I have included an indentical wagon in the rake to show the comparison between a weathered example and one straight from the box.


Finally there is a modified Dapol/Airfix brake van, again I will write an article on how I did it but here is the finisehd result. This was painted and weathered entierly with humbrol products.








Anyway, there's ya lot... I'm off to celebrate my 1st anniversary with my girlfriend :) please be kind with the feedback...or at least constructive. I hate people who try to belittle.



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Lovely high-bars especially. So much better when the base model is up to scratch as these batch are... there's only so much a paintjob can do. :good_mini:

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I really like the contrast in the vent van shot - before and after as it were - just shows what can be done with good ol' Humbrol

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ohmy.gif Blimey, the practice has certainly paid off! Looking really good there, the opens are great. Well it's all great actually, good job!
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