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Music and Model Railways




As I sit here listening to Ian Brown's new album 'My Way', there's certainly nothing Sinatra-esque about it. However, the penultimate tune is entitled 'By All Means Necessary', which strikes a chord with me.


You see, I'm mad about wanting to build, finish and run my very own railway adventure. But, for whatever reason, my efforts have been halted. When the fire in the belly rekindled in 2006 after a long lay-off from the hobby (16 years or so), I went for the jugular and spent my bonus (the good old days in the development industry) on all manner of model railway gear. If there was a medal for the most impulsive model locomotive purchaser, I'm sorry but it had to be me. I had no envisaged theme, era or anything; well actually the only common denominator was the scale, lovely double oh!


So off I went, Hornby CD Rom in hand planning a silly little end to end with number one radius curves to get as much track on the allowed board size as possible. Schoolboy error! Oh, how I have moved on...or have I? In 2006, I thought that my super duper layout in my brain would be built by 2007. Three years on and I have the grand total of two empty base boards and a large opaque box full of stock.


The two words I would like to use are...blank canvas. However, in reality, those two words are now...gathering dust!


Becoming a dad has been the milestone of my year, no two ways about it. Finlay is adorable...but then I would say that. He seems very alert and vibrant for a 12 week old. I'm hoping he will be a sport fanatic although I am keen on him enjoying my interests. I'm just concerned that the day will come when my Modelzone Ltd Edition 'Peak' will get thrashed around his train set oval. Better keep my 'adult' models in the loft so he can't reach them!


'By All Means Necessary', more by hope than expectation I think as far as I am concerned. I envy those on this forum who devote endless hours to the hobby. I salute you. Mr Brown's musical ditty would certainly apply to you guys. For me, maybe 'For Tomorrow' by Blur would be the most appropriate track to listen to!


Thanks for reading!


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I know the "impulsive buying" thing all too well, I can assure you. When I re-entered the hobby after a long phase of abstinence I, too, grabbed all kinds of rolling stock with little consideration whether the combination of it made much sense. In the meantime, however, I did develop a number of ideas for a possible future layout scenario, and try to limit my purchases to stuff I could use on at least one of those scenarios, should I get to start building one some day. Of course, there'll be some motive power I could reasonably and logically use on one scenario, but not the other, but that, too, is fine with me. After all, railway models do make for a pleasant sight even when sitting in the display cabinet only.


So - I do know the feeling of wanting to dive back into the hobby "by all means necessary", and that is basically what I wanted to express here :) .

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