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Start of the WCRC Charter rake.




Good evening all,

I have done hardly any modelling for a long while and its about time i pulled my finger out and got on with some. I have just purchased among other things some of the beautiful Graham Farish MK1s with an intention to turn them into a charter rake used by WCRC. The first big change that had to happen is to replace the bogies with more modern commonwealth types, first problem is that you cant get them as spares so i have had to find the cheapest full RES brake coaches and steal the bogies (leaving me with useless bodies). To fit them i had to remove the coupling housing off the commonwealths to clear the new close coupling system on the MK1s, fairly easy.

Next up is waterslide transfers, this is where my knowledge goes a little thin, you can see from the photos below that the transfer really stands out and i think i'm right that the coach will need a coat of varnish?

then just a little paint to highlight the Timken bearings, the damper and re-paint the foot boards beneath the doors. I'm quite pleased with the result so far, 1 down 7 to go.












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