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Alexandra Palace 2011





I spent a thoroughly enjoyable day at the National Show yesterday, in the company of friends.

Great to see Mark's little O/F goods engine in the brass, so to speak; as well as Missy's now infamous Elvis.

It was nice to see Totnes and Happisburgh in particular.

I went with a shopping list which included one of those lovely Farish B1's, which will join my DCC "experiment" ( SWMBO speak), along with the Deltic, NCC controller and oval of Kato track!

Also a little hold and fold BUG, which I have long fancied to help with tiny etched parts.

My speculative purchase was a new airbrush to replace my ailing Badger which has stuttered and spat its last.

In pursuit of more decent Edwardian figures, I picked up another pack of Langley's funeral set; but also saw a "children with donkeys" seaside set; and a formal wedding set - more top hats and long dresses; so they went into the bag too.





Though not a fan of "big" engines, I have always liked the flowing lines of the B1 and I think this model captures it well. The detail, including light-through-spokes, is well done.

[i have a vague idea of making a model of Bedford St Johns station in the 50's in N gauge, and these locos made occasional visits working through from Cambridge. I also have a Dapol class 2 2-6-2T which I have also kept with this vague plan in mind.


Now its back to that bl**dy board this week...cos the Midland in 2mm still reigns supreme :P !



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You too Julia. :)


Good news today is that I have solved the electrical problem with my little layout, and can drive my goods tank through the points without halts.

In the end it was down to two things:

A couple of weak solder joints and a polarity issue in one of the turnouts which is fed directly from another. It still doesn't make sense to me why it is so, but tbh I don't care at this point - the main thing is it works!

I now need to spend some time cleaning up the little blobs of solder and places where I have inadvertently knocked point blades etc, as there are a few wobbles as it passes through in certain directions.

So the swear box may benefit some more before I can move on to the next stage.

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It's all your fault :angry:

Seiously thou good to see you at the show . What's your fault I hear you ask well i have spent the entire day working on that little brass engine so it is ready to run the next time we meet up.


thanks for the added insentive Mark :D

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It's all your fault Mark :D


Mate, you can't blame me for expecting it to be finished after all this time.... :lol:

Neither does all your effort today mean that my 1P will be done by Aylesbury, haha! :P

Going to peep at your forum now and see if there's a piccie...

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