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2FS: Brave new world




After spending time looking for a suitable project to get me started on 2mmFS loco building I was recommended this lovely little loco LNER E1(J72) which although is in the right region is not native to the area I want to model, so modelling licence comes into play I think but it wouldn't look out of place in the location I have set and would be a worth shedded loco at the Leyburn Shed. It looks a beautiful kit and came in wonderful packaging with real brown paper something I thought that had dissapeared some time ago. And so an order has gone into the 2mmFS shop3 for parts needed to build the kit such as wheels, motor and gears. Looking how tiny this is makes me nervous a bit but there are enough instructions and Bob Jones has said to ask any questions I may have as some of his kits never get built I hope not to be one of those people :)


So here starts a journey of discovery. Hopefully I can do it justice and do a half decent job.. although progress will be slow due to having to find new flat.









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I'm currently one of the people with a unbuilt fencehouse kit or 3

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