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A Statement of Intent




Having chickened out on fitting 4 small etched brass stips as hinges to every door of the Van B, I've decided to tackle finishing the point motors and associated wiring under the layout. This posting is largely to draw the attention of non-DCC users to the query I've just posted on wiring one of the motors here : Hoffmann query, since the solution I've come up with - hardwiring and switching through the spare contacts on another point motor - isn't really a DCC method at all


However this fits into the bigger package of stuff I'm hoping to tackle this weekend (and no doubt next week as well):


- Sort out the unreliable throw of the existing point motors. This is because the wire supplied with the Tortoise is too springy and flexes rather than moving the point blades. Where possible the old wire will be taken out and replaced- where not possible, I aim to stiffen the wire using a tip from an Iain Rice book. There looks to be one point motor I can't get at at all


- Remove the NCE Autoswitch - which doesn't actually work - and fit a DPDT switch to isolate the bulk of the layout when programming


- Install the remaining 3 point motors . I now have a new Cobalt Blue motor (bought at Ally Pally after seeing jim s-w's recent review in DEMU Update) and aHoffmann - these , with a Tortoise , will fit where 3 x Tortoises wouldn't. I'll make sure the wires are stiff enough....


- Install the 16V AC auxiliary bus onto the second board, so it can power the Hoffmann motor, and an Express Models 12V DC 1 amp stabilised power supply


-Install 12V DC stabilised power supplies on each board to power signals, Digitrax decoder, and lighting circuits


- Install Digitrax DS64 decoder to fiddle yard board , to power all points , and replace current NCE Switch It


- Connect up the lighting circuit in the portakabin and hope it works


- Built one or two Erkon signal kits and install - connect up to 12V supply and point switching


I think I've actually got all the bits now , so this lot should keep me quiet for a while.......


Items trial positioned on the boards:




And before I started:





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