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Bug Colours



I have managed to secure what is quite a rare beast...a non military vehicle kit in 1/35 scale, ideal for the time period and setting for the 891 project.


The Type 11 (or is that "two"?) Beetle is one of a series produced by what I believe is a French Company no longer in existence called Aeroplast.





I have not paid much for the kit (which is complete) and therefore if the quality is a bit off the mark then so what...it would be a nice little project to work on and improve.


Anyway I am calling on those forum members in the know, if they can point me in the direction of any information on what colour or colours the cars were painted on their delivery. I'd hazard a guess they were fairly austere colours as the "Peoples Car", however I would like to be as accurate as possible in making the kit.


A search on Google brings up loads of customised paint jobs or restored "newer" types...


Anyone out there in the know?

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In the Uk they were (are) known as the Type 1- The Type 11 (2) being the split screen and bay window transporters. The picture of the model shows what appears to be an early model with sloping front headlights and slightly smaller front windscreen. Can't see the rear but the very early ones had a split rear window, followed by small one piece windows, which then progressively got larger over the years. Also the rear tail lights were very small and gradually got bigger and the bumpers changed shape. A wikipedia search of "volkswagen beetle" shows some of the history but a good site is "www.historicvws.org.uk" hopefully you should find some inspiriation, colour pictures and maybe (haven't read all the info myself) a colour chart.


Not been "into" the vw scene for quite some years now but still own a T25 bus (the flat window one in my avatar - rare beast being 4 wheel drive).


Hope this helps.

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This helps!


The model is of the rear split window variety and fits nicely right into the period I am modelling. The fact that its a "Police" variant is neither here nor there as by the looks of the kit contents its a simple hole to fill in the roof for the beacon.


Of course the other thing that I need to consider is that until the 1960's, the Swedes drove on the left hand side of the road as we do here in the UK.


Being that the assumption that the Beetle was delivered to Sweden prior to that date would have been delivered LHD or RHD?.... unsure.gif

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that will be over to somebody with some Swedish history/background I'm afraid! I been involved with a lot of oldish vws over the years but never a Swede (though I'm sure they are very nice).

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