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Footplate and Bogie for D16/3

Fen End Pit



A productive day, first up the bogie for the D16/3. I've not made a bogie for loco before so took a look at the CLAG website for ideas. The PDK Kit has a fold up bogie etch and two 'strengthening' pieces (according the instructions) which are actually the equalizing beams (I think). I elongated the holes on the main bogie etch and then used handrail knobs and spring steel wire to spring the equalizing beams off them. The result can be seen here, fitted temporarily with some wagon wheels just to prove the concept.






Then feeling daring I thought I'd try what I expect to be the most difficult bit of the superstructure. Curving the footplate wasn't something I was looking forward to. I'm pretty pleased with the result though as the ends end up horizontal and the curves seem quite smooth. I'm finding the cusps on this kit are rather heavy which seems to mean I end up doing a lot of filing. Not quite up the the standard of some of the more modern manufacturers but I think the etches were originally drawn for O gauge and then reduced (perhaps someone else knows if that is the case).







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