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Hythe Parkway - Magazines again!

St. Simon





Just a small update today, it's been a long time since I've updated this blog!


As some of you will be already aware, Hythe Parkway will be appearing in the latest issue of Model Rail, July 2011 (No. 158). I've already seen a copy and subscribers should be recieving their copies soon. The Issue will be formally on sale on 16th June. The Article was written and Photographs were taken before the extension was designed and buitl, so that explains the old board being featured. I would really like to hear some feedback on the article!


Remember, Hythe Parkway still has an exhibition commitment this year:


Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September: Reading RSME 2011


If you wish to book Hythe for an exhibtion, please contact me at hythe.parkway@tesco.net


After this, currently, the future of Hythe is uncertain. We are currently looking at a extensive re-wire in time for the Reading show, but if we don't receive any invites during the reading show or from the tail end of the Model Rail Article, I may take the decision to dismantle the layout and start on something new.


But NONE of the above 2 lines is certain, if I make a decision on whats happening, I will confirm it on here. So don't assume that this is the end of Hythe, if I do 'retire' Hythe, it may return for RMweb events!


Comments Welcome!





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I run another show in Reading that I'd be interested in having Hythe for sometime. We're pretty much full for 2012 - but if it's still in existence in Feb 2013 (or its replacement is ready) - would be glad to have it!



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Hi Richard


I do believe you may have saved Hythe Parkway. Yes we would be happy to come along to your show, just email us (the addresss is in the entry) dates and such and we'll see what we can do!



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