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The trials and tribulations of model railroad construction.



Welcome to Macs building blog..... A number of bight sized insights into a crazy mind.


After much reading, much inspiration and much trepidation I thought it was time for myself to throw my rookie hat into the ring. A foreward of warning, I know next to nothing about trains, next to nothing about real railways and next to nothing about doing anything propperly. All I know is that I love the looks of british steam loco's, I love the looks of the british country side, and I love creating fictional places in my head. So we are three for three. So my aim is to create a layout, share my experiences and make something that looks as damn British as it can ( whilst living in Australia). My goals are reliable operation and close to real life looks ( maybey without the geospatial accuracy though). In essence this an atempt to realise a boy hood dream, resplended with the imagination and curiosity of the child inside. Hell, who knows we might even learn a few lessons along the way....


Mac. :pleasantry:

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