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Bulleids Ahoy! - June update



Time for my June update, first up 34065 Hurricane has left the nest and is with a happy (repeat) customer. Here's one last look at her:




To answer Glenn's comment as to what do I use to seal the acrylics? That's relatively straight forward Vallejo Acrylic Matt Varnish Aerosol, I swear by it, doesn't seem to react to climate either and it seems to last for ages, so it's good value per can (in my opinion).


Another Bulleid Light Pacific is complete and about to be listed on a certain auction site ;) West Country Class34035 Shaftesbury, this was a rework of it's earlier appearance on RMWEB, just dirtied her up a bit :)




On the workbench currently is another N15 'King Arthur' Class 30805 Sir Constantine, after fun and games with donors (the first had to be returned because it was rubbish) I've finally got the loco through the renumbering/recresting and renaming phase. Just waiting 24 hours for the transfers to cure, I know you don't need to, but I find I get better results with the varnish and paint going over the top of them.


That's all for now....


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