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Raiding the Gloat Box

2mm Andy


A package containing two mermaids was waiting for me when I got back from work last Thursday. In case you're wondering how the postman got two mythological creatures through the letterbox, I should point out that these were 2mm finescale kits for the GWR/BR 'mermaid' ballast hopper wagon. The photo below shows what you get for your money - a cast resin body, a nickel silver etch for the chassis (and body details) and a comprehensive set of instructions.




As you would expect from a kit produced by Stephen Harris, these are impressive beasties, and I was tempted to start one of them straight away, but a nagging doubt about the pile of half-finished projects in the cupboard and on my modelling bench made me have second thoughts. With the weather forecast for the weekend sounding pretty dismal, I decided to set some time aside for some serious modelling and opened the gloat box. The results are below;




The wagon on the left is an SNCF mineral wagon - acquired by British Railways from the French government in 1951. It is a 2mm Scale Association kit, comprising a set of plastic parts for the body and an etched underframe. Buffers are lost-wax cast brass. The rain stopped for just long-enough on Saturday afternoon to give the body a quick spray of Halfords primer.


The wagon on the right is a GW shunters truck. It is a Masterclass Models nickel silver etch, and builds up into a nice model, although it was a bit fiddly to build in places (mainly due to the shape of the prototype). This one is waiting for a coat of etch primer when the weather improves.


Although it doesn't look a lot for a weekend's work, I haven't actually spent more than about 4 hours at the workbench, and most of that was on the shunter's truck. A fair amount of time was also spent sorting out the next few projects to be finished. I've only scratched the surface of the gloat box, so the mermaids will have to wait a little while longer!



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  • RMweb Gold

Perseverence to get jobs finished does the trick. I just wish I had some. Good work.:drinks:


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  • RMweb Gold

Very nice work Andy - I wish I could apply glue as neatly as you apply solder :)


The mermaid kits look good too...I should have 5 winging their way to bcn as we speak...destined for my gloat box too no doubt :rolleyes:

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I've only built the Macaw B from Stephen Harris but it is very well thought out. I've got loads of stuff that needs painting and am so easily distracted by another project.

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Morning guys,


Thanks for the kind comments.


The wagons have been in the gloat box for at least a year. In the case of the shunters truck, I can't actually remember why I bought it - it doesn't really fit in with any of my layout plans. I guess it must just be because I like the look of the wagons!




Believe me - the messy bits of soldering are there, it's just that they're mostly hidden! I've just noticed that one of the sides on the shunters truck is out of position. Of course it took a photograph on this forum to make me realise that, but I was trying to finish it before watching 'Top Gear' last night, so it was rather rushed!




I find it's only worth getting the airbrush out when I have a large batch of things needing painting. Trouble is that all the wagons I have waiting painting at the moment need different colours!



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Hi Andy.


A great bit of progress over this weekend. I love the shunters wagon and I would be interested in what colours you paint it as I have one in the same condition.


When are you planning on starting the mermaid wagons? As with Pete I too got some through the post and am looking forward to building them.


Missy :yes:

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Hi Missy,


Thank you. I built the shunters truck with the morton brake gear (instead of the DC brakes) and the later type handrails, so I think it will go into BR light grey with a black underframe, although I can't find many photos of the wagons in BR days.


I'm really tempted to start the Mermaid later this week. I'm half-way through a BR van which will hopefully be finished tonight (if I can find the missing brake gear), and I have a few other wagons that are close to being finished. Perhaps we should start a 'mermaid' topic in the 2mm group (a bit like Pixie's 16t minerals thread) and encourage Pete to start his? ;)


I also want to do a bit of planning on 'Kettleness' if I get time - fortunately the weather looks pretty grim all week so plenty of time for modelling!



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  • RMweb Gold

and encourage Pete to start his?


La La La...I'm not listening ;)


I would love to get cracking on them...(they were even beautifully packaged...like buying an apple product) but I have enough on my plate until 2 October :D

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