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Trefallion - Point Control 2

Ian Smith


Well today I made up a little circuit board to mount the relay and resistors onto. Pictures of it can be seen below with the MUTR Servo Control unit double sided servo taped to the relay. In the end, I used a 2.6K resistor on one leg of the circuit, and a 6.7K resistor on the other.




Once I was happy with the functioning of the unit on the test bench, I then proceeded to install the servo and controller under the baseboard to control one of the engine release points.


Video links : (Replaced the original above board view with a much better lit version - 21-Aug-2011 20:25)



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This looks interesting as each module is quite small. It could be used for controlling semaphore signals as well.

I hope you don't mind but for those who are interested, I have included a link to the item you are using in this reply.


Keep up the good work!

Jon F.

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I've updated the blog entry to replace the original poorly lit above basboard view with a much better one.


Jon, Thanks for putting in the link. The following components were purchased from MUTR (Mindsets Online) :

211-201A Servo Controller £1.95+vat

BS1 008 DPDT Toggle Switch £0.95+vat

192-001 34g Servo £5.95+vat

161-189 12v Relay £0.80+vat

EC1 062 4AA Switched Battery Box £0.99+vat


I had a variety of resistors kicking about so put the multi meter across them to find some suitable ones, so didn't need to purchase any for this project. The Servo is not of the highest quality, having plastic gears but perfect for what I wanted it for (one of my other hobbies is Radio Controlled Car Racing, and the servo's I use for that are typically over £40 each).


I'm sure that if I shopped around I could get servos much cheaper but as I said I am really happy with the one supplied by MUTR, it is not under any strain as the throw matches perfectly the end-stops that the point switch mechanism comes up against when the switch rails come against the stock rails.

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