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Western detailer Part II





Update on the Western. After waving plastic, and a few more days later, some nice new parts arrive from Howes Models; Clear spure with the cab windows and engine room windows, Black spure with the gear tower components.. of whichwas the correct wheelbase as opposed to the complete unit which Howes sell that looks to be too long a wheelbase for the Class 52, And lastly importantly the roof grills from Shawplan. Ive noticed a lack of pictures from myself to illustrate the western, so seeing as the weather was nice today I popped out into the garden and took some pictures with my camera showing how the model appears currently.


So currently the Heljan flush glazed windows were test fitted first to ensure they fitted, and I must admit they almost fit prefectly! the only adjustment needed was to shave about half a millimetre from the Lima apertures so that the HJ glazing simply push fits in. comparing the wheelbase of the Heljan gear tower to the Lima bogies, the two are more or less identical, although the wheelbase of the Heljan bogie is slightly longer, which might not be a problem anyway, as I intend to modify it where nessessary to ensure enough clearence of the skirting which is the descion ive now made which is what I was pndering over from the last entry.


Now next stumbling block - The Shawplan etched grills. Very nice ectehd items they are, although im not so sure that I would be happy having them standing prominnent on the roof panel, the reason being for this is they should be flushly mounted the latter of which will result in me drilling the holes and the mounting it flush and possibly mouting some styrer stip inside to add strength to the grill, although looking at the size of the etched fans they possibly might not fit, so roof mounted they might have to be unless I use the panel from the Brassmaster kit... or make my own.. descions!


More to follow soon, and of course comments welcomed




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Nice project, always wanted to do a 'tooled up' proper western, one day maybe when iv finished pretting around with EE stuff

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Its a good project to see how much can be done with the Lima Model as a basis, I probably could buy the Heljan one but id rather see what can be done with the Lima model



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