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Having built the Peco Wonderful Wagon chassis (and yes, I will be building one of the tank wagon kits on the same design of chassis!) I was left with a spare pair of Peco Anita couplings, as they come in packs of four and I'd only used two. I recently obtained a second-hand Mainline coke wagon, and noticed that the locating pegs for the Mainline and the Peco coupling were the same distance apart. Curious, I unscrewed the Mainline coupling and fitted the Peco one (using a spot of glue as there's no screw-hole in the Anita couplings. The result? Buffers (just) touching when the wagons are being propelled, and about 1.5mm apart when being pulled. When passing over Peco medium-radius points, the buffers on the inside of the curve touch (being pushed or pulled) but the coupling takes the brunt of the push. The width of the couplings means that coupling is very reliable, but they're short enough that they don't stick out like the huge tension-locks on Hornby's older models. However, the Peco ones are still compatible with standard tension-locks, so I think I have the best of both worlds: compatibility with (relative) discreetness.


I now have this:



As opposed to this:



And end-on they don't look too bad either.



Looks like I'll be firing off an order for a couple more packs of those then!-


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