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Southeast Steam Railway - No Longer trading

St. Simon




It is my very sad duty of inform you that the Southeast Steam Railway in Bigporth no longer exists.


Actually, the decision to scrap Bigporth was taken a few weeks back, this is because I am moving bedrooms (within the house before any smart person say anything! :P ) to one which is bigger. The amount of work that would be required to move the layout and modifiy to fit the new room would be so great that it is easier to break it up and start again.


So unfortunatly, it was taken on Monday, but all the stock remains, as well as 90% of the buildings. The last movement on the layout was an ECS movement by an NSE 4-VEP.


It was a very very sad occasion for me, as Bigporth was my first ever layout, and it is the only layout I can operate day to day, because Hythe is packed away in the garage and too large to operate.


What the decision does mean is that I can start on another project, which will be extending my 2011 Challenge entry, Roads A-C when the challenge ends. But it will only be small, around 60 inches long, because railways have been scarficed for storage.


A sad day :(




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