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Empire Basin - Building bridges

Fen End Pit


A bit of tidying up of the wiring today and I managed to get to a point where I could think about turning to the scenery on the next section of viaduct. This consists of a road bridge under the railway which will also have the station building at street level. The road itself will be wider that the arches of the main viaduct section so I have drawn out an elliptical arch which matches the height of the other arches but gives the right distance between the piers.




Given this is a bridge over a public road I'm thinking that the company might have splashed out a little bit more of the bridge. Referring the survey of GER buildings I can see that in Chelmsford they went to the expense of using stone for the arch voussoir (remember that one for scrabble) and tops of the abutment.


The arch itself is 132mm wide (33 ft). Does this sound about right? I found references to the standard being 12 ft per lane so I thought allowing for a couple of pavements this might be ok.


Height at the road edge will be ~60mm (15') and 70mm (17'6") in the middle. The highway code website seems to imply that I'd need some 'low bridge' signage on anything under (16'6") so I may need so warnings for 'oncoming vehicles in middle of road'. I can find the current signage easily enough but what, if anything, was used in the 1950-60s?





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The older type of road signs were used in the 50's / 60's and often seemed to be a bit of a botch potch mix of ways of signing things.


I think the oncoming vehicles thing is fairly new, however I speak only from casual research of my own, not experience.

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Nice bridge - signing will be a good excuse to browse a few books I think. (I'm really just trying to work out how to use this site!).

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