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Under Control

Grimly Feendish




In an attempt to tidy the appearance a bit I added a fascia, colored grey of course. The picture also shows that I added a control panel.


The controller is a Digitrax Zephyr unit. I added a switch panel to control the turnouts, even though they are under DCC control.




The switch panel is an aluminium panel with a paper trackplan on it, all covered by that material known to people my age as "sticky back plastic". The switches are momentary SPDT minature toggles. The exception is the DPDT switch on the top left of the panel, which lets me use that siding for operations or as a DCC programming track.


The switches are connected to the NCE "Switch-It" units I use for control of the Tortoise motors. The "Switch-Its" allow control either from the panel switches or the Digitrax controller. I know this is overkill, but hey, it's my train set!

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