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Getting ready for the charge of the Bulleid Light Pacific's......



A brief update first A4 60001 Sir Ronald Matthews is nearly completed, just coaling and oil required, here's a quick snap I took prior to the hand weathering being done and the head lamps being fitted.




T9 30718 is progressing smoothly, though she is just a rework thankfully.


On to the subject at hand Bulleid Light Pacific's, I suddenly had a brainwave - I've got a number of perfectly good donors up in the loft doing nothing so why not re-purpose them :) It's going to be 2009 again for those of you who remember my Bulleid exploits from then ;) So once Q1 33034 and M7 30053 are completed, it's going to be the rest of the year on Bulleids. Here's which ones are going to be coming:

  1. 34084 253 Squadron (605 Squadron as donor - though I'll probably use 222 Squadron's tender top as she'll be modelled as prior to Hither Green 02/1960 and she had a late crest on her tender.
  2. 34096 Trevone (Westward Ho as donor)
  3. 34097 Holsworthy (Yes Tor as donor)
  4. 34108 Wincanton (Sir Trafford Leigh Mallory as donor, tender top will be swapped with Lydford donor's one)
  5. 34106 Lydford (Weymouth as donor, tender swap with above)
  6. 34005 Barnstaple (Plymouth as donor)
  7. 34009 Lyme Regis (Sir Fredrick Pile as donor)
  8. 34032 Camelford (213 Squadron as donor)
  9. 34042 Dorchester (17 Squadron as donor)
  10. 34044 Woolacombe (Ottery St Mary as donor)
  11. 34047 Callington (Sir Keith Park as donor)
  12. 34079 141 Squadron (222 Squadron as donor, spare 4,500gl cut-down tender top will be used and re line cab)

Should keep me busy :lol:


That's all for now TBG

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