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Ropley - Fiddling around




A possible fiddle yard plan?


Hi all!


Not a lot of modelling to report on at the moment. I find myself on Monday - Friday 9-6 shifts for a few weeks whilst training a new chap at work, and I'm missing my usual 4on-4off pattern. I don't know how people who work a normal week ever get anything done!


Anyway, following a very enjoyable weekend in the company of WillJ operating Queensquare's Highburry Colliery, I've found myself thinking about the more mundane area of the fiddle yards that Ropley will eventually need. Being able to operate Highbury at the Leamington show was really an eye opener as to what is involved in exhibiting a layout, and it was very interesting to experience the behind the scenes element to it.


The diagram at the top of this entry shows my current line of thinking. This fiddle yard would allow a train to enter, detach the loco, then allow that loco to 'run around' it's train and be reattached at the opposite end. That’s quite an important element to the whole thing, as the coaching stock will never change orientation, so a rotating yard is out, as are simple lift out cassettes as used on Highbury. I've included two lines on the loco traversers to allow a quick change over to another loco to keep things moving, although of course in reality there would be a wait until the 'up' train reached the next station before a 'down' train could proceed along the single line.


I still have some refinement of the idea to carry out. I'm quite keen to try and keep the construction as lightweight and simple as possible. The ease with which Highbury was dismantled and loaded into the car ready for the pub journey home was very appealing!


If anyone has any thoughts on the fiddle yard plan above, feel free to share them, even if it's to say that’s horrendously complex and here is a much simpler idea!


Finally, the sum total of the last couple of weeks modelling!



And yes, the cladding strips on the roof line up with the cladding strips on the walls!


Cheers all!



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And yes, the cladding strips on the roof line up with the cladding strips on the walls!


I should hope so ;)


Looking good that shed now Tom...looks like you will have a bit of careful masking around those windows when spraying it...


No comments on the fiddleyard...looks workable in that configuration.

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Thanks Pete.


After doing the first one, i'm thinking about leaving the windows until after the roof is painted. I can flood the openings with Maskol, and then apply the top layer with the ribbing after.



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