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James Hilton


I got an hour clear to spend on Viking today...



I only had a few parts left to fit in brass, namely the hooks on the buffer beans and the foot steps. These went on without too much drama, using low melt solder and holding the parts with tweezers or pliers whilst the solder took a second to cool.



The steps at the front are formed from two pieces, but went together with ease. There are no locating half etches on the underframe for either the front or back but they went on ok, but I did have to keep tweaking them until the were straight, they're not perfect but the advantage is how strongly attached they are over the superglued ones on Wasp.



Next I'll start building an axle box assembly and then see if I can take a mould from it to cast my the four I need, or whether it will be just as easy to build them all by hand.

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Hi Jon - it's Carrs 145 degree I think. It flow nicely with my Antex 25W iron, but is not low enough for existing joints to flow and melt apart when adding the detailing bits - which is good - so I find it a good balance one stop shop combination rather than a temperature controlled iron and different solders. Just shows what you can do with some quite simple tools.


I've just noticed that I've not drilled all the handrail holes out yet either, so will probably drill them out before I go any further with the detailing - but will save adding the wire until I've finished handling the body.

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James, thanks 145...! Good luck with the drilling and details ... and presumably the chassis. Quite a nice looking model isn't it!

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