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Micro Layout - Day 3!

bmthtrains - David


Decided to tackle the ballast today - doing a really rough job on it, very thinly applied, not painted the rails yet, and going for a really basic look to it (this is a week of fun, and to me, all that track detail isn't fun!)


I've also finished the backscene and the car park scene, and buit the bridge. There isn't much more to do now - once the ballast is dry tomorrow, I can hoover this off, do all the remaining ground texture work, stick on the other buildings, then tackle the steps up to the station building.


As I've said before, this is really just a few days of fun using up whatever is in my bits box - I am rather surprised how much is in there to be honest! Other than 2 points, a bag of scenic scatter and the backscene sheet, everything else is just reused. There is no planning here, its a case of 'rummage, aha!, that looks good there!'





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In my limited experience, painting the rails comes before ballasting - otherwise I get paint on the ballast. Hope your hand is a lot steadier than mine!



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