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Norris Type 4-2-0 - A Profile




The Norris Type locomotive, photographed in March of 2012. Out of service for some time, this locomotive was once touted as the first engine to operate the Sumtown Tramway Company's rails (although it is certainly not the first locomotive operated by myself). Unique, simple yet elegant in ist own way, this locomotive is in need of some work before it runs again, including attempting to find some of the root problems behind its failings - for now, it is in a very presentable condition, and still manages to turn heads as a static exhibit.



The side profile of the locomotive, showing its shape and design further. With a tall funnel, a single set of driving wheels and a large firebox, it's clear that this locomotive's design is quite vintage and unique - not many of these engines would operate or even be owned by many rail companies out there. Amazingly, the locomotive is the primary source of power here, though the tender provides no pickup at all.



The locomotive on its own, with its shape being brought into sharper detail. The nameplate is blank - a renaming will take place in the future. Heavy work will need to take place on this locomotive to ensure its operational ability again - if it is undertaken.



The footplate, with the driver and firebox.



The smokebox, boiler, cylinders and motion.



The tender side. Simple and plain, as the real tenders were, with minimal features yet a sort of elegace that endures to date.



The rear of the tender and locomotive, showing off the simple shapes and construction that give this locomotive its character. Coupling stock is impossible without human intervention, but the couplings are ensured to never break apart once coupled.



The front of the locomotive, highlighting the sheer height of the funnel. Overall a very unique locomotive that is stunning in terms of looks, but may only be left as such for the present...


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