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ALCO Steam Switcher 0-6-0ST - A Profile




The ALCO Steam Switcher as photographed in March 2012. Considered the flagship locomotive of the Sumtown Tramway Company, this locomotive was originally obtained prior to 2007, and has performed flawlessly for years. As an unnamed and unnumbered locomotive, it was perfect to add to the fleet of the time as a new locomotive, without raising too many questions as to its ownership - however, it has been verified that this locomotive is an exceptional performer regardless of the owner. Minor modifications include the addition of hook-and-loop couplers in place of the traditional knuckle couplers, and the removal of the cab steps in recent times.



The side profile of the venerable tank engine. Its appearance has been unquestioned in its attention to detail as well as its accuracy, and though it is very well detailed such is not overly excessive, meaning that while this locomotive is ready and able to be displayed, it is not so fragile that things would break off immediately. In terms of the mechanism, it is a simple, effective system that is durable, realistic, and works extremely well.



The front section of the locomotive - the valve gear, builder's plates, and other details are all noticeable here. Everything is applied well and looks the part.



The cab and bunker - the crew is usually able to fit comfortably inside the locomotive, as its cab is quite spacious - hence part of the reason why it ias endured for so long. Though foreign and complex, it has endured through its simplicity and perfection of such simplicity.



The rear bunker, showing off the coupler that has been fitted, as well as the rear lamp that is fully functional and operational.



The front of the locomotive, showing its classic saddletank profile and attention to detail quite well. Overall an exceptional locomotive with potential for many long years of faithful service.


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