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Odds and bods

Sylvian Tennant


I thought I should show you what I have been up to recently.




Next on the workbench have seen a rake of box vans plus an old Bachmann(mainline) Brake Van which was a good little miodel but very much lacking by todays standard.






so some under frame details have been added along with lamp brackets and brass handrails.




I've also been extending some kit built wagons to add a bit of veriaty to the brood. There are some parkie Palvans as well as a parkie shock wagon andtheir 12t NE van.






Finally I've had a devle into soldering and whitemetal (terrifying beyond all belief!) and this was the initial outcome until a rather daft mishapo with white primer forced a stress rant and a current rebuild :(








Please let me know what you think chaps :)

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The tenders a good first effort, what caused the stress rant?


The vans are to your usual excellent standard, but you really do have to stop using those plastic couplings (the one on the brake van).

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Nice work. White metal is tricky stuff. The corners inside the tender look very neat, what solder/flux combination did you use?

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Thank you kindly guys.


I was priming it and all went well first, then about 10 minutes later (beleive it to be 15) picked it up to check it out, once I had realised I had my thumb print on it I tried to repray over it but was a little too close and had the paint running down the sides. So in a little fit I threw it on the table. So now the coal rails are a little bit wobbly and I need some new new hand rails. It's also been stripoped back for a re-try later on. :( I hate it when accidents are my fault. Hopfully it won't look too bad though.


I know, I'll keep being told off about you guys for using those coupling but I do think once painted and weathered they won't look so bad.


Yeah, it was the gauge master stuff I used (Bit of a first timer here so I have no clue how good/bad it is!) the corner were simple just filed back with some old needle files. I'm having a bit of an issue with brass soldering at the moment though.

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I'm having a bit of an issue with brass soldering at the moment though.


What's the problem? Hot iron, plenty of flux, clean joint, add solder...if I can do it someone with your artistic temperament should find it a doddle. Explain whats happening and see if I can't help with a remedy.


As to the coal bars, do you really think they stayed straight on the prototypes? Stop beating yourself up, if you hadn't mentioned it no one would have noticed.



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I think clean joint may have been one problem but the brass/high temp solder won't take to my soldering iron (variable temp). The 70 degree stuff is fine that will happily take and appkie itself but the 145 degree stuff just runs away and if I can get it on, just blobs everywhere.


I'll get a picture of the current state of it to show you mate.

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