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Bits o' modelling

Dave at Honley Tank


I'm in a period of 'bits-&-pieces' modelling!


The banana vans are complete and running around on 'Birch Vale' and 'Bowton's Yard', albeit in 'naked' plastic for the time being. They'll probably get painted when the J10 is ready for the paint shop, - save air-brush cleaning sessions!?! When shunting them I can't tell which are on solid chassis and which are on sprung chassis, a fact that won't please the purists!


Both lathes have been in use in order to produce a set of buffers for the J10 & also for the future Q4. Suitable ones are available from the Gibson workshops but mine are less expensive (unless I charge myself for my time!?!) and I also get the pleasure of producing them. The J10 class seems too have been gifted with three differing design of buffer; GCR taper; GCR parallel; LNER group standard. I chose the parallel version because that's what the Q4 will have and I have no reliable evidence which type my chosen loco had circa 1946-8.


Yet another birthday has passed! But that was OK in that it resulted in a present of a Bachmann Derby Lightweight DMU for 'Birch Vale'. So I'm currently trying to get info about these. My interest and experience, and therefore my knowledge, of diesel railway things are very close to zero, making this research rather demanding.


I purchased a copy of 'Scenes from the Past :45; Manchester London Road to Hayfield' by IR Smith & GK Fox when first published. Years ago I built a scale layout of Hayfield in OO and 'Birch Vale' is the only other station on the branch so I had to have a copy. In there is a picture of Derby Lightweight DMBS number M79173 and it's likely that that will be what the Bachmann will become. As yet I have no number for the DTCL.


Some time back I asked for help on here under UK Prototype Questions - Hayfield Branch DMUs but this has resulted in little definite info. I wonder then if any one who visits this blog can answer these questions:-


1. The numbers on the Bachmann model suggest that the works diagrams represented are “ DMBS Diag 503 and DTCL Diag 509. This info comes from 'First Generation DMUs in Colour by Stuart Mackay'. Are the Bachmann versions correct to those diagrams? (or how can I find out?)

2. I've also studied 'First Generation DMUs' by Kevin Robertson and 'British Rail Fleet Survey No.8 Diesel Multiple Units, First Generation' by Brian Haresnape. Unfortunately there is confliction between the latter and the two former, in that numbers 79118 to 79149 (which Mackay lists as Diag. 633) are DMBS but Haresnape adds "L", meaning they had lavatories. Did they?

3. If Bachmann are correct with their choice of number for the DMBS and assuming that Mackay is also correct, then the model represents Diag 503. Does Diag 633 cover the DMBS's that had lavatories? Are any of these Diags published and where?

4. How do I find a reliably accurate number for the DTCL that normally joined No M79173 as a two car set?

5. Does anybody have a pic of a two-car set with known numbers and matching the Bachman version but known to have operated around Manchester circa 1954/7 and may I have a copy please?

6. Am I just being a stupid plonker in trying to get such information and would I be better advised to spray sufficient track muck over the lower reaches of the model so that reading the numbers is too difficult for any one to know that they are wrong?


Thanks now to anybody who can move me forward in some way.




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