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    • D1051  »  45125

      Hello ,
                i notice your reference to strip on cab door of our 45. When the loco arrived at the GWR there were no strips. & we weren't going  to bother.But i decided to overhaul our non working locks in the cab doors we had 6 & i got 4 going again .So the reason our 45 has them is to protect the locks.So that's why ours has them. 
      · 0 replies
    • ianofsklr

      Facemasks with my drawings are now available to buy at https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/838911243/steam-train-and-vintage-transport-face?ref=shop_home_feat_2.
      · 0 replies
    • mike morley

      'Wigan score eight against Hull'  How many people thought that headline referred to a low-scoring rugby league match, or clicked on 'Wood - no reason why I can't break records' expecting to read an article about one of cricket's faster bowlers?  How many people have read an entire article on the sports page of a local paper with no real idea what sport was being reported?  Join the campaign against bad journalism!
      · 1 reply
    • DevonCottage

      Hi - Last year I came back to modelling after many years, and built a SE Finecast 517 tank with Mashima motor and Markits gearbox. During construction I managed to strip the gear, so I bought a second gearbox. Within a couple of months this has stripped as well. I have taken the loco apart again and replaced the 37:1 box with a 46:1 box in the hope that this will be more durable, but even with the first couple of turns there are signs that this will strip too. The tiny screws that come with the motor, and the motor itself do not fit the gearbox without heavy boring out and filing of the gearbox assembly, even though the motor was specified as being correct for that gearbox. I just want something that is going to go together and work. 30 years ago I built two kits with Portescap motor / gearbox combinations and they are still performing like a dream, although I have read a couple of threads online from about 9 years ago criticising these. I would welcome some guidance and if anyone has a good condition Portescap for sale I would be interested in buying it. Many thanks
      · 2 replies
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    • James Makin's Workbench
      Hi Guys!
      Although I've retired my exhibition layout 'Wells Green TMD', I've been working on several new projects for our club layout by Worthing MRC - 'Loftus Road'.
      We needed third rail EMU's, so I've gone and built a Southern Class 377 dual-voltage EMU using shortened Bachmann Turbostar components and my own scratchbuilt cab ends, pantograph wells and underframe parts.
      If anyone's interested, there's a bit more info about my Electrostar 377207 on my old website http://www.wellsgree....uk/index.shtml ('On My Workbench' page), please find a few photographs below for anyone else who likes these units as much as I do!
      Scratchbuilt Electrostar by James Makin by jamesmakin2002, on Flickr
      Scratchbuilt Electrostar by James Makin by jamesmakin2002, on Flickr
      Scratchbuilt Electrostar by James Makin by jamesmakin2002, on Flickr
      It turned out OK I think, hope you like it!
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    • Copper Wort
      Alexander Copper and James Wort were merchant brewers in Burton-on-Trent before 1835.  But within 10 to 15 years both the partners had passed away. Their descendants formed a public limited liability company in the late 1880's. Copper Wort & Co. Ltd.  The company was later bought out and was amalgamated in 1910 with a larger company.  Our period modelled of the early Edwardian 1900’s is perfect as that was the high point of the brewing industry in Burton on Trent, extremely busy with the bigger breweries establishing their potential with the Midland Railway network with the smaller breweries muscling in between them.
      To add substance to what is essentially a little known small brewery company and make it work for a round and round layout I have given it a few of its own 0-4-0 locomotives to support the larger Midland Railway locomotives running through the town and includes a track plan based on Worthington’s arrangement to accommodate the numerous Midland Railway and Great Northern open wagons and outside framed Midland Railway vans. The buildings are based on the those of Bass, Ind Coope, Trumans and others, all based in and around Burton on Trent, some of which is still there today even though the railways have long gone.
      It is being built to 4mm scale OO gauge on a hexagon shaped 6 board arrangement (4 feet length per hex outside edge) and is about 1/3 size of my previous layouts. The track plan is a continuous round and round run with lots of shunting and sidings. 4 of the boards contain the complete brewery process. The 5th board is the High Street crossing with shops and houses with the track running between buildings, and the 6th is a small fiddle yard.  Most of the stock will therefore be out front.
      Assistance and advice has been gleaned so far from various people including Joe Stamper from Burton and the National Brewing Centre also at Burton. Boards constructed by Col Stark and we are currently under way with construction of the buildings together with the DCC electrics designs.
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    • Some shots in the dark.
      It was gloomy yesterday so I turned the layout lights on and tried running a few trains in the dark. Daft, but oddly fun.
      Anyway, a few random pics of variable quality. The station in general, I need to lightproof the roof more next time it is off.




      This is a lucky pic. I cant really see the from of the station building so its just done by point the camera at the mirror on the end of the layout and hoping. The resultant image is then reversed in preview.

      Through a window. Atmospheric, a bit.... 
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