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Great Western Trains Sleeper 1998

Posted by The Fatadder , 10 January 2019 · 205 views

GWT Sleeper 1998

In order to get on with the finishing touches on the layout I either need PVA (awaiting delivery) or to do woodwork (not exactly possible at 10 at night with two small children in the house.)
So I am having a play at another long term project that I would like to finish this year, my intention being that by Easter when I can realistically start spraying again I will have this and the TPO ready for painting.


The aim is to model the Paddington to Penzance sleeper circa 1998, as with the TPO part of the logic with this is another then and now comparison with a very long term project to build the same formation in 1947 guise for Brent.


Research on the forum and elsewhere has narrowed down the formation: Monday to Thursday it consisted of a Class 47/8, Mk2D BSO, MK2D TSO (a declasified first), Mk2E FOt, then 3 mk3 sleepers (with a forth added on Fridays) and finally a mk1 BG. Working from a video of a real working from 1998, the plan is to have the mk2s in faded Intercity livery, the first and last mk3 in Intercity and the middle mk3 in Great Western Trains (which has already been finished). http://www.rmweb.co....erlin-sleeper/


After giving some thought to modifying Hornby mk2E coaches into the required 2Ds, I have settled to making use of the coaches I already have for the moment at least. (A large box of deconstructed Airfix, Dapol and Hornby 2ds that was purchased for this rake (and a daytime GWT service) a long time ago.
Eventually I will likely end up replacing them, but for the purposes of the then and now concept (and having a play at 1998 on Brent) the old coaches will do the job.


They will be upgraded to a degree, focusing on the basic shape (the windows / frames I will live with for now). The first task was to remove the roof ribs to get a much fainter line, rubbing down the whole lot with a emery pad. Then the flat sides were attacked with a file to obtain the required tumblehome. The 2E still needs work to convert it into the later design. They now join the remaining two mk3 sleepers in the queue awaiting painting in intercity livery. I am certainly not looking forward to all that masking!


Attached Image
A side on view not exactly the best choice to show off a change to the side profile...


Here is the missing photo of the completed GWT Sleeper
Posted ImageUntitled by The Fatadder, on Flickr

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