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General Arrangement

"Shelf Island" is my model railway layout, and it represents the railways of the eponymous location.   The layout is in the mould of a typical British narrow gauge project but built as a standard gauge line. And in 1:87 scale. The layout has a fiddle yard (which rather resembles a motive power depot), but the long-term plan is to create a model of a self-contained railway system where trains move imaginary freight and passengers between different locations. So far, I have built the rai


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Hornby Class 60 Colas Rail Freight. Step 2 - Underframe Preparation.

The underframe is where I invariably start with any model because everything that follows can be done with the model on its wheels.   I was introduced to foam cradles, that originated as worktop edging protective covers, by a friend who liberated some from a skip. I use them for most models that I work on now. Having exhausted the supply that I, in turn, liberated from waste disposal receptacles, I decided to buy some direct from a manufacturer, but had to order a minimum quantity. I n

Mick Bonwick

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Connoisseur Kit's LNER J68 Part 5 End...?

Hello again, it's been a rather long time since I put something up on the J68!    It's fair to say I have finished the locomotive, and I have moved onto other project's, so the best way to go through this, is since getting the loco into black I then moved to paint the cab, cream followed by all the cab fittings, this didn't take too long to do and I really enjoyed doing this part, as it reminds me of when I get the loco's ready in the morning cleaning the cab polishing all the brass re

Track Maintenance

Most of my train-running recently has been for the enjoyment of my young grand-children. For this, I tend to use my reliable ‘1854’ saddle tank, with its heavy ‘Wills’ cast body and ‘Hornby’ chassis that make it fairly ‘bomb-proof’   Trains at North Leigh   Suddenly, after what has been many months (if not years) of reliable running, the engine de-railed on the three-way point at the West end of North Leigh station. Following application of the ‘big hand in the sky’ bre


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I see the sea...

A family game that was played on the holiday car journey was who could spot the sea first from a glimpse down a valley. Whether heading to the ferry or just a coastal trip the first sight of the azure greeny blue sea on the horizon would illicit a chorus of "I see the sea, I see the sea." from the back seat of the car! And so it was my turn to try and create the alluring sea which I used to sea on my family holiday.    I had watched a video by Kathy Millett on an easy way to create wat

Paul Robertson

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Johnson Street IEMD: Loco fleet Update - 26th October 2020 - Two Bachmann arrivals - 66139 & 90018

26th October 2020   Bachmann DB Cargo 90018   I had been planning to leave this review on here back in September, but my plans regarding the fourth instalment on my DB 90 fleet had been a bit up in the air, anyway, several weeks of plans being changed a bit, I finally settled on 90018 in DB Schenker red ''The Pride of Bellshill'' in a mucky tired state. 90018 was the second of the four DB Schenker branded Class 90s, following 90036. and subsequent to this 90029 and 90040. Sub

"What the Hell....."

I was trying to be systematic and focussed, and work on things in good order, but while I was hunting through boxes looking for bits for the 128 the packet of handrail knobs turned up in my DMU projects box...   As noted in my "programme" posting here, my attempt to press on with the long-stalled ex LNER Toad B (an elderly Parkside kit) stalled when I couldn't find the handrail knobs. Suddenly the brake van was back on the agenda. And as I worked steadily through the things I could see


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Hornby Class 60 Colas Rail Freight. Step 1 - The Plan.

Something a little more modern, just for a change.   My reference library doesn't contain any photographs of this locomotive in this livery, so I looked through one of Strathwood's "Looking Back" series and found a Transrail liveried example that was depicted in a fairly well used but cleaned state. Sides and roof looked fairly clean, but the underparts were not.   The tools and materials list:   Iwata Eclipse SBS airbrush - not a large volume of paint to be used, b

Mick Bonwick

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Weathering the Dock...

Started on the dockside weathering today to try and make the plain painted balsa look a little more like concrete and a little less like, well painted balsa!    Firstly I wanted to mark out the tide lines. 3no 5mm bands would allow for different colour banding on the base of the Dock wall.    Then the concrete bays were added with black liner pen.    (black lining on the Docks)    (the three tide bands marked on in pencil)    The firs

Paul Robertson

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16mm photo-plank - Completed blower and had buckets of fun

I printed out the parts for my forge blower. There was some spare space on the build platform so I printed a few extra tools at the same time. I deliberately put the parts on twice and in a couple of different orientations to see which came out best. Splitting the blower into two halves allowed the bottom sides to be sanded and form the join.   You can just make out the Alcoso No4 text on the parts and, while you can't read the text, the builder's plate has some relief on it which mak

Fen End Pit

Fen End Pit in 16mm photo-plank

A good days work...

With rain stopping play in the garden I had an afternoon of painting and doing details.    First job was putting some signs about having printed off my sign sheet   (cutting out various signs for the models)    (the portakabin signed up)    Once I had done a few signs I switched over to painting the dock and bridge abutments concrete grey.    (Dock greyed up)    (abutments painted)    Whilst letting the

Paul Robertson

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Wet Day Play – etched plates and Jubilees

A conversation with a friend about changing names and numbers on old Bachmann or Mainline Jubilees prompted me to dig out some etched plates I bought perhaps two years ago, and get on and fit them!   Mainline Orion with 247 Developments etched plates and newer Bachmann split chassis   One of my all time favourite models was the Mainline Jubilee ‘Orion’.  I think ‘Royal Scot’ was my first Mainline model but Orion followed soon after in June 1981.  Pallitoy must have made

Silver Sidelines

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Fun Town - De Snitzlton - Part 2.

I've been doing a little more work on 'De Snitzlton', a small 0:4:0 shunting locomotive for Fun Town's market stall's. This blog covers the scratch building of the wheels, connecting rods, gearbox modifications, axles, mechanical parts for the steam assisted uncoupler and the animated and non animated 4mm scale figures. I probably got to carried away a little with one figure that seemed like a good idea at the time, but after a period of calm / settling down, this figure was destined for the lay


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CR D38 Glass wagon part 1

I seem to be in a wagon building mood these days. Dunno whether I’m locked down, locked up or or which tier of the cake I’m on, so wagon building is a cheap and time consuming activity.   Now it might be argued that I’m getting my ratios wrong again, too many unusual wagons and not enough of the bread and butter diagrams. I’d agree, but the fun is in the odd stuff. I therefore decided to have a shot at one of the 1896 built D38 glass well wagons. Decent pics in the wagon books and a di

Dave John

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Frankenpannier VII - It lives, sort of.

Back in the spring (installment 5) I had got the wheels turning again, albeit briefly. I since solved the problem of passing the pick ups through the footplate and onto the motor and had the engine on the track rather than a direct power supply for the first time since the body upgrade started.   The motor is retained in the lower visible part of the boiler, which is removable with the footplate. The tanks and smokebox cover over this. The worm mesh is separated every time the body is


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Coming together...

Some times modelling can feel like a very slow process with very little to show for large amounts of time spent fiddling around. Then one day suddenly everything seems to come together to start looking as one might have hoped.    The past few days have been a slow process of trying to get the road surface looking right and introducing road markings. Lots of wrong turns smudges and lessons learnt. Today has seen a bit more progress in the right direction.    First job of the d

Paul Robertson

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LMS Stanier Reverse Brake Van

I have a more detailed thread of this over at the modifying RTR forum but thought I would share a brief account of what I am up to.  I resurrected an old Dapol LMS van earlier this year and had one which was a bit rougher left over. So, I thought I would have a go at a more in-depth conversion.  I intend to create a reverse stanier van by making a few changes.  I have cut out the panels on the verandas and intend to fix them in reverse on the opposing sides. 


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Stourpayne Marshall - goods store

As seen below, there's an area of raised platform to the left of the station building that was notionally going to be a loading dock:     After living with it for a while, I decided that I wanted something else occupying this space, in line with the parcels store at the real Shillingstone. Unfortunately I missed the boat with the Bachmann nodel of this structure (and they seem to be very scarce on ebay) so I decided to build something of my own.   The basis for thi

Barry Ten

Barry Ten in S&D

Episode 7 - Some Thoughts on Trains

I've been thinking about trains which will run into St Catherines's Bay, with consideration being given to their length and the number of each type required to operate the day's services.   I've pretty much nailed on the passenger services, I think.  Most trains will spend life as permanent sets, and most will have a dedicated cassette for storage, when not in-play.   Express 1 - Mk1 - BSK, SK, SK, RMB, FK, BSK, SK Express 2 - Mk1 - BSK, SK, SK, SO, RU, FK, BSK Express 3 - Mk


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Episode 6 - Monclarence Takes Refined Shape.

My little station has a name. I think I have settled on Monclarence.  My SO had a cat, a blue British Shorthair whom she wished to call Clarence, after the angel in "it's a Wonderful Life", her favourite movie.  The name Clarence was vetoed by her then husband as not being a name for a cat, and so he became Bubba, which to be fair my SO also chose and liked.  Since his passing a couple of years ago, I have always wanted to honour the fiesty-yet-affectionate little fellow somehow, without being t


scottystitch in Episode 6

Yu Jing 1

As a quick diversion, I built a Sister of Battle;   This was a stand-alone, special-order model.   Kind of neat, though without special rules in the game.   I have a deliciously wild paint scheme for this army.   I also started on another army for Infinity the Game, Yu Jing   These are Xiaolin warrior monks, according to the box.   Kind of neat.   I have found, though, most table-top games make it somewhat aggravating to close into close combat.   My tub


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Wednesford TV need a new cameraman...

Had a bit of a running sesh today using 1986 stock. I had intended to film it but the idiot cameraman forgot to switch on the external mic to the main camera. Fortunately I had parked the phonecam in St Flo's churchyard but whilst it got the noise, it suffered some flaring and focus issues. However, it gives you a good impression of where things are at the moment.   I'll probably do some more detailed vids outlining the thought process and products I've used in the hope it might inspire o


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    • I have redrawn the plan to include "Shelf Marshes" (this has its own layout topic) and the latest mock-up of "Wellwood". If I can bring the whole of this scheme up to the scenic standard of Fairport then it should be quite a satisfying little railway.   In many ways, the whole scheme is now two layouts with their fiddle yards connected end-to-end each side of the chest of drawers. Operationally, this is rather good. I can run whole the railway on my own, or bring in a second operator(*
    • TThank you Mikkel - it's been a long time since I've looked into the fortunes of the Wilcote family.  The lady in your photo has an expression that says "How did I get into this lot!".  As I recall, Amy eloped to Italy, where she lives in her paramour's home town of San Gimignano.  Here's a bonus painting of hers from sunnier climes:
    • I looked back and couldn't find a Colas class 60 in my pics either! What I do have in Colas livery are track machines and the main thing that stands out there, rather than dirt, is how much this livery fades. Tony
    • Richard, I have found that locos often seem to run better in one direction. One thing that happens is a slight sideways movement of the gear wheel caused by friction with the worm, gear moving left in one direction and right in the other. Because of the need to shorten the muff, I rarely get a square end on the muff and have witnessed the “high spot” of the muff rubbing on the bearing in the frame. Might be worth looking to see if you are experiencing this in your chassis. Ian
    • Good to see an update from North Leigh, Mike.  Hope you got the points sorted. That's a nice shot of the NG quarry line, it strikes me that you're working in three gauges!    As for Amy, nice painting but isn't it time she gave up this creative nonsense and got herself well married. One must get one's priorities straight.  
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