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9MT A Razor Saw Let Loose

So, one loco drive Hornby 9F, plus two GBL 4MTs were attacked with a razor saw.  There's a lot of bits....    Here's all that is left of the 9F body      And I've cut and shut two sections of tank and cab from the two GBL Class 4s to make this      Also been experimenting with a Triang Princess bogie for the rear. If this works ill replace the wheels with larger more prototypical ones and this will set how long the bunker needs to be


RedgateModels in General


So a bit of tinkering with the mehano Sncf 70000 this week. The model is a bit of an oddball, just like the real thing. The side profiles are pretty accurate, but the ends are wrong. And it's red instead of blue.  So far, I've made a start on fixing the cab ends, cutting them off and refitting them, so the lights are at the right level (the bottom of the lights should line up with the bottom of the cab doors). New buffer beams are required, plus grab-rails and brake hoses.  A couple of

Clamping and Gluing

The clamps I’d ordered to help with construction of the baseboards arrived yesterday, which enabled me to start constructing the framework for the first board. In an attempt to keep these large baseboards as light as possible I’m only gluing the components together, no screws or pins. On my previous layout (Tredethy Wharf) I’d glued and screwed the boards together so this is new territory for me. On these boards with the amount of joints and the supposed strength of wood glue (around 3000ppsi) I


Yan in Buildings

4582 GWR Green

Background: This is a standard Bachmann release of the 4575 class which has been renumbered to 4582 (HMRS transfers and Narrow Planet plates).  Unfortunately the bunker area is a bit of poor design, with the rear fairing, coal load and the lower back of the cab interior are all moulded as one piece.  This means to remove the moulded coal load you have to remove the cab roof first, once out it was split into 3 parts (with the fairing and interior glued back into place.  With the roof off the

A control panel, bodged.

I managed to endure the cold before the temperature dropped really low recently, and scared the bejezus out of myself by snipping and drilling 0.5 mm. nickel-silver sheet into some sort of electric panel.  The first time I had drilled metal, and I hope the last.  Despite pilot 'dents' with a nail on marked out dots - the push-to-make switches and power-input plugs are at 7/8" pitch - the drill gave a decidedly 'eccentric' hole on seven of the ten.  However, it fits, which is all that matters.

Valentine 1

As mentioned last week, I finished the ReZEL.   As also mentioned last week, I didn't have a chance to fit the a-parts before I went to press.   So, here's the ReZEL with a-parts;   I don't much like the a-parts.   The giant sword is neat, but it can't hold the thing.   The missile pods look way too awkward for my taste, too.   I highly doubt I'll mount the parts again.   Still needed a shot with the parts for posterity.   Here's a fun glamor shot with a surprisingly re


AlfaZagato in Kitbuilding

Wenhaston Loco Build.

Current status on 'No.4 Wenhaston'. Adding 3D rivets at the moment and building the Chassis, so not the quickest of work. The Southwold Railway purchased this loco in anticipation for the extra goods traffic due to the opening of the harbour.  Although the harbour trade never took off as expected, 'No.4 Wenhaston' was still used on regular trains on the line, and was one of the last ones in steam. 

Letter from Lockdown

My annual review and New Year's resolutions are a month late this year - which is rather better than I've managed in the last couple of years. Not only that, I can report that that the delay is due to Making Stuff, rather than as in previous years meaning to , but not actually doing it.   I'm not saying I'[m completely cured of that. Despite my best resolutions, the amount of modelling I've actually done during various lockdowns , furlough and the like has been much  less than I intend


Ravenser in Constructional

Magnetic Connector Headaches, Fetch the Wire Brush!

My homemade magnetic connectors were not as reliable as I would have liked - current transfer was intermittent and unpredictable.   I had a few trial runs with stripped wire ends as a method for achieving electrical contact, these were no more reliable!  I also considered buying some sprung contacts online...   However, inspiration struck - in the form of a set of cheap wire and brass cleaning brushes!  After a swift encounter with a pair of pliers I had removed three se

Ray Von

Ray Von in Traverser

At last, servos and wiring...

Over a year without posting anything!  Disgraceful - dunce's cap firmly on.   Despite the pandemic, lock-downs and other distractions, things haven't developed very much recently.  The first lock-down was taken up with long summer walks and home-based IT work for a local charity.  By mid-summer it was much too hot to work for long in the loft - 30degC plus some days.  Then suddenly it was cold again!   Work restarted before Christmas (2020!) looking at the design of servo po

Platform 1

Platform 1 in Electrics

Southwold Loco Build

This was the progress I have made on the first loco 'No.1 Southwold'. Albeit not finished. The other locos, 'No.2 Blyth' and 'No.3 Halesworth' were of a 2-4-0 wheel arrangement. 'No.4 Wenhaston' was an 0-6-2 wheel arrangement. The loco kits are white metal and are sourced from Golden Arrow Models. I first built this when I was around 16, but have recently stripped it back to the metal, and rebuilt it. I also went down the route of adding 3D rivet transfers, as I felt it gave the model a

Traverser Strain and a Start on the Control Panel.

One of the magnetic connection terminals snapped off today, where the wire meets the magnet.  Despite reinforcement measures, I guess the strain on the thin metal shaft was too great.   So, I had a stab at making my own (hopefully sturdier) version of the connector.  I stripped the end off some .6mm electrical cable and wrapped the exposed wire around a neodymium magnet, I then took a second identical magnet and sandwiched the wire between them.  Next, I sealed the whole terminal

Ray Von

Ray Von in Wiring

Star Trekkin Across the Kelvin Universe: Moebius Models 1/350th Scale NX-326 USS Franklin

My build of the Moebius Models 1/350th Scale USS Franklin NX-326 from Star Trek Beyond.   Aftermarket: Aztec Dummy Masking Set   Paints & Primers: Mr Surfacing Primer, Vallejo Model Air & Tamiya Acrylics, Vallejo Metal Color & MRP Have Glass Varnish.   Weathering: Flory Washes (Dark Dirt & Brown) &  a HB Pencil.   Box and contents:                


toboldlygo in General

Getting there with the first baseboard

Slow progress on the construction of the first baseboard. Hopefully the pictures will help to explain my thoughts on how I’m building the boards. At the moment nothing is fixed in place the books are helping to keep everything in place.   All profiles have been cut to reflect the different ground levels, with additional sections cut out for the turntable and inspection pits. The baseboard top is at the bottom with the track plan on so I can position the infill sections to miss any poss


Yan in Baseboards

Mini Bos

With increased woodworking activity on the baseboards now that the door to the railway parlour has been replaced my enthusiastic sawing, sanding & rasping has caused me to develop tennis elbow. So all that industry has ground to a halt. So I’ve been working on Parsnip Cottage – one of Petite Properties products and I’ve now started making a 1/4 scale model of the layout to mock up the scenery. Of course conventional wisdom decrees that this is the first thing you do. But we dew diff’runt in



Building the rolling stock

The Railway had a a wide variety of goods wagons.  There where multiple 4 wheeled Dropside open wagons with curved ends, Two 4 wheel goods vans, and an endless supply of 6 wheel cleminson wagons. Ive started building up kits of the 4 wheel open wagons that I have acquired from the nine lines range. The 6 wheel cleminson wagons are resin cast from Golden Arrow, and the 6 wheel coaches are Brass etches that arr from Worsley Works. The wheels are Parkside Dundas 00n3.

A short history of the Railway

The Southwold Railway was a British 3ft Narrow Gauge Railway.  Built in 1879 and closed in 1929. The main line was 8 miles (14.15 km) long, running from Southwold to Halesworth, stopping at three intermediate stations, Walberswick, Blythburgh and Wenhaston. The was a link to Blackshore Quay, between Southwold and Walberswick, which was to be 0.25 miles long. The railway had with three locomotives for the opening, but a total of four by closure, built by Sharp, Stewart Company. They

The Hotel Extension

First project having made sure the whole 18 Roads fit (albeit condensed!) was to get the 'extra' 8' 6" where Roads 9 - 9a - 10a - 10 continue the beyond the blocks of 1-8 & 11-18 up to the front of the Great Eastern Hotel. Having taken my sizes from the 1898 OS Map (via the NLS) I printed the templates and got laying.    Here we see the bulk of the Hotel End as of 10.15, with a touch of 9a to extend and the side of the other board to cut - when weather permits. Once finished that'l

A Hotel on Platform One....

Just kidding!  I've had this "Monopoly" hotel kicking around for ages in my box of scraps - I think I picked it up off the pavement years ago...     Today I set about converting it into something useful for the layout - a newsagent kiosk.   Step one was to drill a hole in the side of the hotel and then square the circle using a file.   Next, I sanded down the surface of the building - prior to gluing on corrugated styrene sheet, to represent wood panellin

CC65000 continued

Hello again.  The CC65000 is coming along slowly, the body is perhaps 60% complete, and I've started on the bogies. These are recycled from a Kitmaster/Airfix/Dapol kit. I'm going to try and assemble my own drive mechanism... I may regret this. I had wondered about using bogies from the original Lima deltic, as these are HO (or not far off), but given the prices these go for on ebay, a lot of other people must have the same idea.  2020 has left me with an interest in french trains, and
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